You will see hedge plants in many Dutch gardens. Would you like to buy a hedge yourself? But you don’t know yet which and what kind of hedge you want to buy? Before you choose a hedge, it is important that you know what the properties of a hedge plant are.

Deciduous or an evergreen hedge?
You can go all different directions with hedge plants. Would you like to enjoy a green hedge all year round? This is possible with a green conifer or a hardy and evergreen hedge. There are many different types and sizes of evergreen hedge plants. The evergreen hedge plants are easy to maintain, so you hardly have to worry about them.

Deciduous hedges do change every summer and winter. In autumn the hedge loses its leaves and is bare in winter. The hedge blooms again in the spring. In the summer you will have a nice green color in your hedge again. An example of a deciduous hedge is a beech hedge.

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