Germinate, bloom and die all in 1 year
With annuals you can enjoy the blooming flowers in your garden for months. The annual bloomers often seem to bloom endlessly. The annuals come in all shapes, sizes and colors. You can often enjoy it until the fall. The word annual plant already says a little bit about what kind of plant it is. The plant germinates, blooms and dies again within a year. If you put a seed of an annual plant in the ground in March, it will start to flower completely around June.

Flowering plant

All annuals prefer to be in a sunny position where they are in direct sunlight. If you have the plants in pots, make sure there is good drainage. Excess water can then run off. In summer, the annuals should be watered daily. If they are in the solid ground, it is necessary to water the plants occasionally in dry weather. The plants in pots should be fertilized regularly. Some potting soils have a starting fertilizer added, so you don’t have to fertilize them in the beginning. The plants in the solid soil can often feed themselves because there are many nutrients in the soil. Some varieties bloom longer if you regularly remove the spent flowers.

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