Perennials decorate your garden. These plants bloom every year. Due to the different colors and shapes, they ensure that your garden looks colorful every year.

Spring or autumn are the best times to start planting perennials. If you start in the autumn, you will immediately benefit the following year. It is especially recommended for early bloomers among perennials. You can plant perennials in a pot almost all year round, except during the frost period. When you start planting, you need to take into account the distance between the plants. Small plants should be planted about 20-25 centimeters apart. Large plants, on the other hand, should be planted 50 centimeters apart.


The care of perennials
Perennials require little maintenance. They grow best in loose, nutritious and not too dry garden soil. Adding compost to the soil layer improves plant growth. Compost contains many nutrients that are good for the growth of the plant. It is good for plants to fertilize them once a year. If weeds grow between the plants, it is wise to remove them. Remove the outgrown flowers so that the plant continues to bloom for longer.

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