In the international arena, Taiwan exists under the name of ROC (Republic of China), unlike the PRC, namely China (People Repulic of China). It is a state not recognized by most of the international community. Officially the government recognizes himself as a legitimate authority all territory of today’s China and Mongolia, moved to Taiwan because of the ongoing throughout the continental domination of communism.

Currently, under the authority of the Government of the Republic of China is Taiwan and all islands: of Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu. To 1970 year Taiwan represented China in the ONZ However, the approximate Republic of China and the United States and the pressure of Beijing have made,that the concept of the Republic of China is understands now like 22 countries, mostly undeveloped islands of the Pacific, Central America and several small states in Africa. In Europe, only the Vatican recognizes Taiwan, and at the turn of the century, for a short time did it to Macedonia in exchange for financial assistance.

Taiwan is therefore a little different China. As the direction of travel is still quite exotic, but ist still worth to choose on direction of journey. Taiwan is a good direction of travel for those people, whose looking for egotistical impressions, original food and interesting wildlife.

This is a country located in the zone of humid tropical climate and only the northern ends of the island reach to the subtropics. The climate is not overly attractive. It’s true that there is here a relatively warm aura, which is the cause of the warm ocean Kuroshio Current, but the inconveniences of climate do not miss this part of the world. In winter, the average temperature fell within the range 15 degrees centigrade in summer reach 28 – 30 degrees. In the mountains located in Taiwan it is much cooler – the average annual temperature does not exceed 10 degrees Celsius. Due to high humidity and monsoon circulation, the summer rains heavily in Taiwan characteristic are also appropriate for Asia typhoons occur in brake summer and autumn. Taiwan is a country with a well developed economically.

To indicate the level of development, it is sufficient to indicate the largest Taiwanese companies like Acer or ASUS – the fourth and fifth largest computer manufacturer in the world. Almost all global manufacturers of motherboards for PCs are established in this country. On Taiwan produced also many bicycles. Almost 80% of the population has access to the Internet. This is good news for tourists, which translates into convenience tourism. In most points we will deal without any problem with payment cards – it is also a well-developed network of ATMs. Since January 2011, the Poles were exempted from the visa requirement when traveling to Taiwan, provided that the trip does not exceed 90 days and a traveler owns a passport valid for at least 6 months at time of entry.

The direction of sightseeing, which should take a tourist, are primarily cities of Taiwan. It is among others the capital of the country – Taipei, which offering tourists great architecture, numerous temples, but also commercial infrastructure. Elder construction and charming of temples we can look for in the cities of Tainan, the former capital, and Lugang. In the town of Changhua you can see the giant Buddha statue. Kenting tempted to turn beaches, coral reefs and the possibility of swimming, even in winter. During the Chinese New Year this place is throb with tourist life.

Taiwan is very attractive in terms of nature tourism. Half of the surface of this country is forested. It is therefore a perfect place for rest and rejuvenation.

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