travel dog

Travel with an animal is much different from the traditional trip. Dog or cat need for some other conditions, that they need to be absolutely sure, that it was not a hassle for animal and that they were going in relative comfort. A cat should be transported in a container, because in the car he can be a danger for us and for himself.

Frightened cat, can perform rapid jump and cause an accident. The dog should go for travel with their seatbelts fastened. There are seatbelts for dog and primers, that provide us with clean seats without pelage. Alternatively, the dog may be transported in the trunk, if we get rid of the shelves, and he can easily sit, breathe and watch the view from the outside.

When we go with a dog, we should absolutely stop frequently. The animal needs to stretch their legs and walk a little bit. Besides, the dog has also to defecate, what he can’t to do in a car. He should also ensure an adequate amount of water. In stores you can buy a decomposed bowl for a water or containers, where there is water. We should get to for pet a bottle of still mineral water. The car should also be properly cooled. Ideally, if you turn on the air conditioning in it, that the dog was not too hot. Traveling with a dog, it is essential to remember to bring his bowls, as well as food and toys. It should make him feel like it at home.