family holidays

The holidays are a time of the year, which we all waiting. For the most people this is the only time of year, that impunity we can spend with our family. Children also have at this time a break at school and really expect, that parents take them somewhere and spend with them at last some time. Often this is the case and Polish people try to spend their holidays in such a family way. Sometimes, in addition to the children, we take with us also our pets, such as dogs and cats, because we don’t want live them alone at home. So it is a little bit of a trek, which we need to prepare.

The most important in traveling is of course the choice of destination. It all depends on, whether we want to spend our holidays in Poland or abroad. After our country usually we move with car, but in case of further travel it is simply not worth at all, because it’s mach expensive. It is best to choose the plane or high-speed train. This travel are now in Europe, and we can buy the tickets at very reasonable prices. Also flights organized in advance, can cost much less than in normal situation. It is best to be booked flight well in advance, because then you can counting on a very beneficial discount. Besides, it’s very important to choose a specific hotel or accommodation in which we will spend our time.

It’s time to think about our children, that the place was also adapted for them. If they were there appropriate place, we can then be sure that they will be happy and willing to take care of themselves together, and we will also be able to take a rest. Let us remember, that children need entertainment and they don’t like to be bored. Ideally, if there is room for them, playground and swimming pool, as well as a game room. Besides, we shouldn’t chose a room with a TV, so that they can watch cartoons or give them a laptop, that will allow them to. Additionally, it is worth to choose places that have a large area around the building of playgrounds, lawns and playing field for children to play ball. It is necessary to think also about whether the hotel has a separate price list for children. There is no point in paying of normal child who’s not eating the whole meal as an adult and room service which costs much less. Many hotels offer special prices for children who are even half as high.

But if we take a pet, we have to think about it much earlier. First of all, we need to vaccinated our dog animal at all obligatory disease. In addition, we should also protects vaccinated for other diseases that often accompany such departures away from home. Besides, it is necessary to prepare it for the journey and provide him with adequate space, as well as the stops and the opportunity to drink water. An important issue is also to inform the hotel reception, that we will come with us dog or cat. Most often, the pet you have to pay extra for. Besides, some cleaning service bypass a rooms where the animal stay, because it is afraid to staff work in this office.

Family vacations are certainly much greater financial expense, than the trip just the two of us. You have to reckon with the fact, that children on holidays often want to use a variety of paid entertainment. Besides, we often choose also to the restaurant or ice cream. However, this is the only one time of year, that impunity we can spend a few moments with all of our family and enjoy it without obstacles. So it’s good to think about, to plan together interesting entertainment. They may be for example common cycling trips around the area, fishing or playing football or cards. It is good to use this time properly, because children often are waiting all year for it, to be able to from morning to evening to be with their parents and have fun with them. You can not forget about this.

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