Italy has always attracted tourists from all over the world. It is compulsory place on the map any lover of history and a collector of memories and beautiful pictures. Every street corner hides a story. It is in the eternal city took place events about which we learn the lessons of history. Holidays in Rome is an excellent idea for people of all ages, who want to spend an amazing time.

Before you choose Rome for destiny your travel, you should read a little bit about the most important places, that should be seen in this town. Too bad would omit all this important buildings, whose history is famous all over the world. Also, you must try Italian specialties.

The Colosseum
It was there had occurred the famous gladiatorial combat. The ancient Romans believed the Colosseum for great meeting place and constant entertainment. They met there all together to admire the amazing spectacle. Today, the Colosseum is one of the most visited places in Rome, and every year on Good Friday, the Pope carried out there way of the cross. Tourists from around the world flock to the capital to Italy to participate in the power of this unique event.

Spanish Stairs
Of course, the name of this stairs is not unfounded. The area is in fact a very representative Embassy of Spain. Spanish Stairs beautifully fit into the rustic streets. Often serve as a backdrop for fashion shows, photo shoots the world’s largest designers, as well as the place of images in cinematic terms. It’s an amazing place, full climate and great atmosphere. Certainly anyone who visits Rome must at least once to see the stairs and take a souvenir photo with them.

Trevi Fountain
This is a place, which no visitor can miss. It revolves around this fountain the legend, that whoever cast some money into the water, will come back to Rome. The money that tourists every day generously thrown into the fountain, the Roman authorities spend mainly on the renovation of historical monuments, which constitute the majority of the city center. The fountain looks especially lovely in the evening and at night. Illuminated sculptures give the place an atmosphere of solemnity.

Roman Forum
This center of ancient Rome, which was the main meeting place for locals. It is here that were concluded first friends, arrange a tryst, carried out political debates or punished prisoners. The Roman Forum is always bustling. Currently, today we have only an empty plan and several Roman columns, but all of them visitors are well aware of the history of this wonderful place and how important it was in the life of the Romans.

In close proximity to Rome’s Vatican City, the famous Holy See. This place, which should be ticked on the map of every believing person. Certainly a great impression on you do St. Peter’s Square, where the faithful gather pray together, led by the Pope. There are held all important religious ceremonies, as well as the famous standby. This is where every Sunday at 12:00 Pope celebrates Mass Angelus. You must see the Basilica of St. Peter, which was established in the place where according to ancient information St. Peter was laid in the tomb. Inside there are frescoes painted by Michelangelo himself. In the catacombs you can visit the tombs of former Popes, including the Pole, Pope John Paul II, Karol Wojtyla.

Italian cuisine
While in Italy, you can’t also skip Italian cuisine, which is the world leading the way among the culinary preferences of the entire population. You must have a try spaghetti bolognese or carbonara, pizza, which in Italy is square, ravioli and the best dessert, which is tiramisu. For lovers of flavors, it is also recommended to try the traditional Italian wines, preferably in a small restaurant on the sidelines. These serve not only delicious, homemade Italian food, but also homemade wine, or those straight from the winery. Italians appreciate the taste of wine as no nation in the world. Always drink a glass of this drink for dinner, making the meal more quickly digested. They serve it, even children.

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