In the international arena, Taiwan exists under the name of ROC (Republic of China), unlike the PRC, namely China (People Repulic of China). It is a state not recognized by most of the international community. Officially the government recognizes himself as a legitimate authority all territory of today’s China and Mongolia, moved to Taiwan because of the ongoing throughout the continental domination of communism..



Italy has always attracted tourists from all over the world. It is compulsory place on the map any lover of history and a collector of memories and beautiful pictures. Every street corner hides a story. It is in the eternal city took place events about which we learn the lessons of history. Holidays in Rome is an excellent idea for people of all ages, who want to spend an amazing time..



Who doesn’t dream about holidays in the city of lovers? The capital of France is considered the world’s most romantic place, where you can go on a trip with person close to your heart. Many couples is where vows to love, and men kneel before handing them beloved engagement ring. More than one woman said at the time that come true her biggest dream. Things to do in Paris often overshadow the city itself. Even the Americans know that Paris is the capital of France, which in their case is already a big achievement..



If you are looking for a place full of sunshine, hot temper, delicious food and heavenly music, it is a sign that the time to visit Barcelona. The famous capital of Spain attracts millions of tourists every year. The great advantage of the city is that it is located by the sea, so you don’t feel that much hot climate of the place. After all, most people spend their time actively on the beach, enjoying the sunshine, on bathing water, as well as team sports for example as beach volleyball..