This country associated us with white madness, yodelling, Mozart … Austria, because it’s about her, will work alike as the direction of travel for lovers of glaciers and skiing. It’s clean and safe country, which has managed to maintain a perfect balance between the environment and the tourist infrastructure. But it is not worth a pick only for nature. The people who like a shopping, culture and cafes ware undoubtedly attract duly Vienna – the capital of the country.

The trip to Austria and getting around country it’s not a problem. Although 80% of the country covered by mountainous terrain, they are cut by passes, tunnels and viaducts. Toll them often additional charges, but it is worth tempting to this expense, because it makes it very easy journey. The more reason that Austria is a good choice, it’s that we don’t spend big many during a travel. Tourists can scoop from a large pool of available facilities. The cheapest accommodation is a youth hostel in a good standard at a price of 10 euros per day. Private room rank in the range of 20 euros/day.

Austria is not an exotic country. In terms of cultural prevail here identical rules like in the Poland. Residents are generally positive towards foreigners. An additional advantage of the tourist is the knowledge of the German language, but local accretions are sometimes so hard to understand, that it is difficult to understand anything, even speaking German very well. However, you can support with English language, as well as Italian and French, especially in tourist destinations.

Austria is a country for enthusiasts of culture, of course also Vienna. Much fun for themselves will found here, also nature lovers – Alps and national parks mainly invite motorists of the beautiful mountain roads that offer unique views. For tourists are suggest also trails for cyclists, both mountain and lowland. Fans of extreme sports can enjoy the ski slopes and a wide range of water sports.

Visiting the cities, except the nation’s capital, you can visit also the smaller towns. That’s here we will be in contact with unique performances of brass bands, compulsorily present at almost every provincial event, local church holidays and traditional marches, roots dating back to pagan rites. Rich folk traditions are also referring to the spring equinox, being therefore in Austria during this season should be part in them.

While in Vienna, it is necessary to order a Viennese schnitzel, Sachertorte and Mozartkugel, delicious marzipan and chocolate eggs. In Salzburg can not be indifferent to the well-known dessert “Salzburger Nockerl.” Austrian menu is a lot of meat, borrowed from neighbors dumplings and stews. In seventh heaven, will be also enthusiasts of cakes and representatives of the salad lobby will find something for everyone.

Austria is not far away, so it can be the perfect choice for a getaway for an extended weekend. Not only with skis in hand luggage. The beaches on the Danube and its water network , in good weather are teeming with life, the cities of delight architecture, and restaurants tempt good food.

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